A collection of imaging techniques is used to obtain geometries of already existing objects or structures. This includes clinical imaging such as CT and MRI scanning, but also professional optical 3D surface based scanning. The information obtained can be processed in the 3D lab into usable and reproducible virtual files or physical products.

Computer Aided Design

Engineers in the 3D lab use various computer aided design (CAD) packages. With this, almost every conceivable geometry, whether it concerns free or parametric shapes, for a part or assembly can be realised and prepared for production. With finite element analysis (FEA) software, implants and prostheses can be virtually loaded during the design phase and analysed for strength and stiffness.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

The 3D lab has both internal and external production facilities where 3D printing, metal and plastic machining can be applied. This for both research purposes and provision for patient care. Depending on the requirements set by the user and the law, an appropriate production method can be chosen and a production order can be issued.

3D Design