Spinal Fixation Surgery

In spinal fixation surgery the exact screw positioning can be defined preoperatively by virtual surgical planning. Using 3D-printed patient specific guides we can achieve accurate screw positioning in an area with a close approximation to vital anatomical structures. The use of 3D technology can improves the safety and accuracy, and can reduce the radiation exposure during surgery.

Spinal Deformity Surgery

Together with the orthopedic surgery, the neursurgery peforms complex spine surgery for the correction of severe kyphoscoliosis. The surgical strategy can be decided using a 3D model of the deformed spine. After planning the correction osteotomy, patient specific saw guides can be designed to guide the surgeon during the removal of vertebral structures.


In case of tumors involving the skull bones, removal of the tumor and the skull bone is sometimes required. By combining both CT and MR into the virtual surgical model, the resection can be carefully planned. In addition, a patient specific cranial implant can be fabricated to replace the removed part of the skull.