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3D beeld van bovenkaak voor reconstructie met 3D technologieBovenkaak reconstructie met patiënt specifieke platen

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

In the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery 3D technology is used frequently in daily practice. The use of this technology assures safer, faster and more accurate surgical procedures. In addition, this technology is applied by the physician to discuss treatment options with the patients, in order to optimize the shared decision for the treatment.
The UMCG 3D lab was initiated by the department of OMFS and it is, therefore, also the department that has had the largest contribution to the development of the 3D technology and its safe and adequate clinical application in our institution.

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The use of 3D virtual surgical planning and patient-specific guides are used for a variety of procedures within the specialty of neurosurgery. One of the major procedures that involves the use of 3D technology is the screw insertion during spinal fixation surgery, where 3D-printed drill guides help to achieve more accurate screw positioning. In addition, the correction of severe kyphoscoliosis (together with the Orthopedics department) and the reconstruction of skull defects, are procedures in which 3D technology helps to achieve safer and more accurate surgical outcomes.

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3D beeld van ingezakte wervel in de wervelkolom3D beeld van geplande schroeven in de wervelkolom en patiënt specifieke boormallen
Bekken Fractuur met losse fragmenten, voor Reconstructie met 3D-technologieBekken Reconstructie met 3D-technologie en patiënt-specifieke fixatieplaat

Trauma surgery

Complex injuries are often dealt with in the field of trauma surgery. Using 3D imaging, these injuries can be visualized more accurately to increase the surgeons understanding of the injury. Furthermore, it is also possible to create a surgical planning and to 3D print patient-specific accessories to carry out the surgical plan.

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Orthopedic Surgery

The orthopedic surgeons performs scoliosis surgery with the help of 3D virtual planning and patient-specific guides. In this field, 3D technology is also used for the design and fabrication of patient-specific antibiotic loaded cement spacers, that replace prosthesis after infections. In addition to surgical accessories, it is also possible to produce patient specific implants.

Bi-Planar High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) combining valgus and slope correctionBi-Planar High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) combining valgus and slope correction
3D beeld van reconstructie bovenkaak met behulp van een patiënt specifiek bovenkaak implantaatKrachtenberekening op patiënt specifiek bovenkaak implantaat met behulp van eindige elementen studie.

3D Design

For many interventions within various disciplines, having a 3D virtual planning is not sufficient to achieve the desired result and physical medical devices are required. The 3D lab applies techniques, software and knowledge to develop patient-specific devices in addition to a virtual planning, varying from drilling and sawing templates to patient-specific implants and prostheses.

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Fred Spijkervet
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon / founder 3D-lab
Max Witjes
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon / founder 3D-lab
Joep Kraeima
Technical Physician / Coordinator 3D-lab / 3D-expert OMFS
Bram Merema
Mechanical Engineer / 3D Design Expert
Peter Pijpker
Technical Physician / 3D-expert Spine
Haye Glas
Technical Physician / 3D-expert OMFS
Rutger Schepers
OMF Surgeon / founder 3D-lab
Peter van Ooijen
Imaging / AI-expert
Anne Meesters
Technical Physician / 3D-expert Trauma
Nick Assink
Technical Physician / 3D-expert Trauma
Ricardo Rivas Loya
Biomedical Engineer
Bingjiang Qiu
Applied Mathematician / AI-expert
Hylke van der Wel
Technical Physician / 3D-expert OMFS


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